Conspiracy Music Guru Albums

Alex Michael, also known as the “Conspiracy Music Guru” may very well be one of the most talented and creative artists gracing our flat realm. The multi-instrumentalist and producer playfully brings the truth to light through his lyrics in albums like “Flat Earth Man” and “Suspiciously Live.”


Of course, Alex is known for more than his funny persona.  According to Alex, his album “Unplug” is the musical culmination of his frustrations and astonishment of “this clown world over the last few years.” And that can clearly be felt in this raw, emotionally charged album, filled with hard hitting truths. We definitely recommend it!


Last, and certainly not the least, we recommend you listen to his 432 Hz album “True Solfeggio.” That might be an understatement: the album reached Number 6 in the Billboard Charts in it’s category. The album has been recorded in the base frequency of 432 Hz, lifting the human spirit up instead of bringing it down with the dissonant frequency tuning standard of almost the last 100 years.


All four albums are now available for purchase and direct download. The downloads all include video’s and in case of “True Solfeggio” 5 PDF books containing studies on 432 Hz.

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