The Creation of the Earth – A Biblical Cosmology Curriculum

Rooted in a parent’s passion to educate her homeschooled daughter truthfully, Jessica Wood authored this Biblically centered 165-page book. A counter to heliocentric teachings, it dives into scriptures, providing a deep understanding of Earth’s creation as per the Bible.


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How to use this book

This curriculum aims to take the reader through the many features of biblical cosmology with each lesson exploring a new aspect about our earth. This curriculum intends to be rich with scripture, images, and written text to enhance the knowledge and understanding of children and adults of all ages. Throughout the curriculum you will see numerous text boxes prompting you to either reflect, do an activity, or watch a video resource online to help build upon the theoretical content. You are encouraged to complete these activities to provide for a deeper learning experience.


The target audience for this book is homeschooling families or Christian families who want to teach their children the truth about cosmology according to the Bible, however, the information contained within this book is useful for anyone seeking to learn more about biblical cosmology. For homeschooling families, it is recommended to complete 1 lesson per week if you want to complete the curriculum over a semester, or 2 lessons per week if you want to complete the curriculum in a 10-week term (with the 10th week being the summary and review week).


It is hoped you will have a rich and enjoyable learning experience as you complete each lesson within this curriculum and that your exploration of scripture will draw you closer to God and inspire a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the world around you. It may be beneficial to keep a notebook alongside this curriculum where you can write down the most interesting pieces of information you have learned each lesson. This can be added to a homeschool portfolio as evidence of learning.


For ease of reading across all ages, all scripture quoted throughout this curriculum uses the New King James Version, unless stated otherwise.


This curriculum meets the following educational learning areas:


English – Literature and Literacy

Science – Science understanding (all sciences), Science as a human endeavour and Science inquiry skills

Mathematics – Measurement and geometry

Human and Social Sciences – Knowledge and understanding (History) The Arts – Visual arts

Technologies – Use of digital technologies

Languages – Hebrew and Greek


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